2012 Press Coverage

Civil rights hero Korematsu deserves a permanent honor
by Brian McMaster, Star Advertiser
December 27, 2012

NDAA Lawsuit Brief Filed By Children Of Japanese-Americans Interned During World War II
by Matt Sledge, Huffington Post
December 20, 2012

VOX POPULI: JA Influence Recognized in Northern Cal
by Iku Kiriyama, Rafu Shimpo
December 20, 2012

Indefinite detention: Echoes of World War II Internment
SF Chronicle
December 20, 2012

Solidarity with Palestine, Decolonizing Anarchism and Kidlat Tahimik
APA Express
November 22, 2012

The Heroism and Leadership of Fred Korematsu
by Scott Allison and George Goethals, Heroes: What We Do and Why We Need Them (blog.richmond.edu)
October 6, 2012

History Lessons
by Linda Greenhouse, NYTimes.com
October 3, 2012

Civil-rights group founder to visit LR
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
September 29, 2012

Criminalizing Dissent
by Chris Hedges, Truthdig
August 13, 2012

I’m Still Waiting for Ashton Kutcher’s Apology (editorial by KI director)

By Ling Woo Liu, CNN.com
June 29, 2012

Jeremy Lin Grabs the Rebound for the American Dream (feat. quote by KI director Ling Woo Liu)
By Rémi Ollivier, Le Monde (France)
March 2, 2012

Race and Jeremy Lin’s Rise (radio interview feat. KI director Ling Woo Liu)
Featuring guest Ling Woo Liu, TBS This Morning (South Korea)
February 21, 2012

American Hero
by Mirei Sato, U.S. Frontline
February 20, 2012

Why Jeremy Lin’s Race Matters (editorial by KI director)
By Ling Woo Liu, CNN.com
February 14, 2012

Euphemisms, Concentration Camps and the Japanese American Internment
By Edward Schumacher-Matos and Lori Grisham, NPR
February 10, 2012

Korematsu Photos Unveiled at Smithsonian Gallery
Rafu Shimpo
February 8, 2012

Korematsu’s Legacy Honored in Pasadena
by J.K. Yamamoto, Rafu Shimpo
February 8, 2012

Telling the Story of Civil Rights in America: Fred Korematsu and The Struggle for Justice
by Konrad Ng, White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders web site
February 7, 2012

California Politicians Honor Fred Korematsu
by Edward Henderson, The Daily Aztec (San Diego State University)
February 5, 2012

Asian Americans Celebrate Fred Korematsu Day
by staff, Pacific Citizen
February 3, 2012

Japanese American Who Defied World War II Internment Honored
Agence France-Presse (via Straits Times, Singapore)
February 3, 2012

Fred Korematsu’s Journey From East Oakland to the National Portrait Gallery
by Nina Thorsen, KQED
February 2, 2012

Fred Korematsu Photos Added to Smithsonian (radio clip feat. KI director Ling Woo Liu)
KQED radio
February 2, 2012

Honoring Fred Korematsu
by Robert Speer, News Review (Chico)
February 2, 2012

Portrait of Fred Korematsu to be Presented at the National Portrait Gallery
Art Daily
February 2012

Pasadena Woman Recalls a WWII Journey
by Bill Kisliuk, LA Times (via Pasadena Sun)
February 20, 2012

American Hero
by Mirei Sato, U.S. Frontline
February 20, 2012

A TIME TO REMEMBER: The 70th anniversary of Executive Order 9066
Nichi Bei Weekly
Feb 9-15, 2012

Gordon Hirabayashi, civil rights icon who resisted wartime incarceration, dies
by Kenji G. Taguma, Nichi Bei Weekly
January 5-9, 2012

Portrait of Fred Korematsu Unveiled, February 2, 2012
National Portrait Gallery web site
February 2, 2012

Fred Korematsu’s Courage Honored at Smithsonian
by Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle
February 2, 2012

The Legacy of Civil Rights Leader Fred Korematsu (radio interview feat. Karen Korematsu)
Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio
January 31, 2012

Fred Korematsu Becomes First Asian American in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery Civil Rights Exhibition
by Lia Chang, Asian Connections
January 31, 2012

Korematsu Photos to be Shown at Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery 

Rafu Shimpo
January 31, 2012

Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Fred Korematsu Day
Office of Governor Jerry Brown
January 30, 2012

Calif. Marks Fred Korematsu Day (radio clip feat. KI director Ling Woo Liu)
KQED radio
January 30, 2012

SDSU Hosts Event Focused on ‘Courage’ to Honor Civil Rights Advocate
KPBS (San Diego)
January 30, 2012

CAPAC Members and Congressional Leaders Observe Fred Korematsu Day
Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus
January 30, 2012

Happy Fred Korematsu Day
by Jorge Rivas, Colorlines
January 30, 2012

Farm Workers Celebrate Fred Korematsu Day
United Farm Workers
January 30, 2012

CA Superintendent Wants Korematsu Day Observation
KGO TV (San Francisco Bay Area)
January 30, 2012

Civil Rights Hero Highlighted at Humboldt County History Day; Speaker Shares Japanese American Experience During WWII
by Donna Tam, the Times-Standard (Eureka)
January 29, 2012

History Day Korematsu event (TV clip feat. Karen Korematsu begins at 3’50” mark)
KIEM TV (Eureka)
January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fred Korematsu!
Japanese American National Museum web site
January 29, 2012

Civil Rights Advocate Fred Korematsu to be Honored Today
Pasadena Now
January 28, 2012

Second Annual Fred Korematsu Day Event in San Diego
Rafu Shimpo
January 27, 2012

Korematsu Day to be Observed in Northern California
Rafu Shimpo
January 27, 2012

Fred Korematsu and The Struggle for Justice
by Konrad Ng, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program
January 26, 2012

A Father’s Legacy
By Clay McGlaughlin, Times-Standard (Eureka)
January 26, 2012

This is Our Country, Too: Fred Korematsu’s Daughter on her Father’s Civil Rights Legacy
by Soojin Chang, San Francisco Bay Guardian
January 26, 2012

Lunar New Year Events: Oakland Museum of California (mentioned Oakland Fred Korematsu Day event)
by Mary Flaherty, San Francisco Chronicle
January 26, 2012

State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Urges Public to Observe Fred Korematsu Day
California Dept. of Education press release
January 17, 2012

History Made: Fred Korematsu Day
Pasadena Foothills Magazine
January 2012