George Takei, Fred Korematsu Day

The Fred T. Korematsu Institute works through a multiethnic lens for racial equity and civic engagement. Fred Korematsu’s fight for justice and the World War II Japanese American incarceration highlight the importance of civil rights, citizen participation, and multiculturalism.  The Korematsu Institute provides guidance to teachers to spread these lessons throughout California, across this nation, and around the world.

The Korematsu Institute develops and distributes curriculum about Fred Korematsu’s story, the WWII Japanese American incarceration, Asian American history, and current civil rights issues. Educators in all 50 states and a number of overseas countries have requested and received Teaching Kit materials from the Institute. Each Teaching Kit has historical information, photos, and supplemental materials in order to teach the lessons of history and bring relevancy to the challenging issues of today. The Korematsu Institute also supports teachers with Teacher Development Workshops and Conferences through many organizations such as the social studies/history state councils and the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS).

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The Korematsu Institute is pleased to distribute Teaching Kits to any teacher who requests one on our website, Through the generosity of supporters who have been inspired by Fred Korematsu’s story, we are able to send you these kits for FREE. We hope you will be moved as well to help expand our reach.